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Norbert Vollath

Duo Extrakt

Duo Extrakt

Anka Draugelates: voice, viola, accordeon cup, stones
Norbert Vollath: bass-clarinet, objects, hydrophones, bells

„Duo Extrakt“ performs since 2005.
Anka and Norbert work on a musical concept, that combines voice and instrument.
Human voice is the eldest musical expression of mankind. Anka’s voice has a big range of sounds and can go beyond singing and often is used like an instrument.

Norbert’s clarinet supports Ankas singing and as well can go direction human voice.
Their programme reaches from old and classical music, from folk influences to avantgardistic contemporary music.

The mixture of composition and improvisation makes concerts of the duo to a colourful, vivid experience for the audience.

CD: "Dialogue" (2008)

CD Dialogue

Duo Extrakt "Dialogue" (2008)

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