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Norbert Vollath

Duo De Clarinettes-Basses

Duo de Clarinettes-Basses

Michael Reisinger: bass-clarinet, accordeon, voice, percussion
Norbert Vollath: bass-clarinet, tenor-sax, toys“ 

Duo De Clarinettes-Basses “ performs since 1997.

They do concerts, make soundtracks for films, programmes with poets and writers and music for kids. The music of “Duo De Clarinettes-Basses” is pure accustic and without stylistic limitations.

As Mike is a blind musician the focus of their sound is on intuitive and improvised music. The duo likes to explore different concert rooms like cloisters, forest etc. and tries to

develop kind of sound installations fitting to the different accustic “rooms” and situations.
But Mike and Norbert work as well on interpretations and cover versions of jazz-standards and folksongs.

They play jazz from the 60-ies with the 75 year old jazz-piano-player Richard Wiedamann, who also is the director of the Bavarian Jazz Institute.


  • Grillensalat (1997)
  • Hinüber (2002)
  • Zu Fuss auf der Goldenen Straße (2008)



Duo De Clarinettes Basses:
"Grillensalat" (1997)


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