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Die Negerländer
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Norbert Vollath

Die Negerländer

Negerlaender Photo: Hubert Lankes

Bertl Wenzl: saxophones, tuba, percussion
Heinz Grobmeier: saxophones, clarinet, percussion
Norbert Vollath: saxophones, bass-clarinet, toys
Roland HH Biswurm: drums, percussion

„Negerländer“ perform since 1984.They mostly play own compositions, but also work on Jazz-standards and world-music in their own sound without harmonical instrument like guitar, piano...

They write soundtracks and perform live to silent movies:

  • Buster Keaton
  • Fritz Lang
  • Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
  • Ernst Lubitsch.

Their music is vibrant and intellectual as well you can find groovy parts, that animate for dancing. The band toured already in several european countries.


  • Negerländer (1994)
  • Der General – Soundtrack to the silent movie of Buster Keaton (1995)
  • Wandlung der Formen (1998)
  • Holes (2001)
  • Ludwig Bemelmans: The Blue Danube – Music to the audio-book (2006)

Die blaue Donau

Die blaue Donau
(2005) Ludwig Bemelmans,
Music: Die Negerländer,
LOHRBär Verlag

CD Holes
Die Negerländer
"Holes" (2001)

CD Wandlung
Die Negerländer
"Wandlung der Formen" (1998):
live at Niedermünsterkirche Regensburg

CD Der General
Die Negerländer
"Der General" (1995 ):
Music to Buster Keaton's silent movie

CD Die Negerländer
Die Negerländer
Die Negerländer

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