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Norbert Vollath

New Music, Contemporary

trio proell vollath janker

Trio Pröll, Vollath, Janker, Photo: private

Modulated Works

Georg Janker:
double-bass, live-electronics
Norbert Vollath: saxophones, bass-clarinet, objects
Fredi Pröll: drums, percussion

“Modulated Work” performs since 2004 and combines live electronics from Munich bass-player Georg with the pure accustic sounds of Norbert. The trio is completed by Austrian drummer Fredi. All pieces are free improvised- unpredictable, in the moment.

William Roper & Friends

William Roper: tuba
Anka Draugelates: voice
Thaddeus Watson: flute
Norbert Vollath: bass-clarinet

William Roper, a tuba player from Los Angeles writes music in the style of modern classic. Thaddeus Watson is member of the Frankfurt Symphonic Orchestra.
The music of the ensemble is a mixture of strictly composed themes and improvisation.



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